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Madeicentro initiated its activity in 1976, purposed for import and commercialisation of exotic wood.

During the 80s and 90s the company invested largely in the diversification of its activity and the creation of added value products:
- Sawn wood;
- Wooden floor;
- Decks;
- …have been products Madeicentro has set in Portugal during these decades;

Simultaneously the company initiated the process of setting the quality system, immediately obtaining certification by SGS according to NP EN ISO 9001:2000.

Thus, and based on the gathered experience throughout four decades in the world of wood, in 2008 the enlargement of the facilities by setting new lines of production, once again using the most advanced technology to work wood, was initiated and the brand Golden-Parquet® was put on the market.

Golden-Parquet® brand is currently representative of one of the widest ranges of Wood pavement worldwide. Immediately recognised for offering an unquestionable quality in the world of pavement, especially that of High Range floating: Multilayer Pavement (maritime plywood from birch and hard wood, with the option of cork in the lower layer).

Madeicentro exports for more than 25 countries in various continents, the brand Golden-Parquet® having reached the most diverse countries, among which are Morocco, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Austria, Germany, Turkey, France, Malta, India, Cyprus, Spain, Slovakia, Romenia, Angola, Greece,…

Set in the centre region of the country and equipped with the most modern technology, Madeicentro has developed in an extremely competitive context, having, throughout the years, performed large investments oriented toward goals as important as the modernisation of manufacturing technology and the continuous improvement of the quality systems.

Madeicentro is a modern company, which uses wisely selected raw-material in the production of its products, which are manufactured under high quality control performed by qualified staff supported by the experience of people who have been working on wood for more than 40 years.

Absolute Quality is an unavoidable response to the greater and greater demand of consumers and markets. Madeicentro is a Quality certified company in agreement with regulation NP EN ISO 9001:2000. We support a sustainable forestation. We hold the FSC Chain of Responsibility Certification.

Madeicentro, is presently a company facing the future.