company | history
MADEICENTRO, initiated its activity in 1976, under the company name Coutinho & Marinhas Lda. having the import of exotic wood, as well as its commercialization, as purpose.

Its initial share capital was 600.000 Escudos, divided in three equal shares, detained by the following partners: Mr. Alberto de Bastos Coutinho, Mr. António de Oliveira Marinha and Mr. Celestiano de Oliveira Marinha.
In 1982 the company name was changed to Madeicentro – Estância e Serração de Madeiras Exóticas, Lda. At that time the share capital was increased to 10.500.000 Escudos, equally subscribed by the partners.

The following year a new share capital increase was made this time to 15.000.000 Escudos, each partner holding a share of 5.000.000 Escudos. In 1989, partner Alberto de Bastos Coutinho parted his share in half and transferred it to the other partners. That same year the company acquired its first wood drier, thus opening a new activity: Wood Drying.
In 1992 the share capital is substantially increased to € 523.740 which contributed to the performance of a series of investments which conducted to a wider diversification of the company's activity in 1993:

- Considering some clients' interest in the transformation of raw-material in added value products, such as wooden floor, planking, lamparquet, among other, creating the Finished Product Department;

- Initiates business with house builders, real estate contractors, so as to enrol in the house building activity regarding real estate promotion, creating the House building Department.
2000: The setting of the quality system in the Department is initiated.

2001: The Company has the Finished Product Department certified by SGD. The share capital is once again increased to € 3.000.000, new partners entering the company, Luís António Almeida Marinha, Manuel Augusto Ferreira Marinha, Dina Maria Almeida Marinha and Cláudia Sofia Almeida Marinha.

2002: The quality system transition process is initiated in agreement with the regulation NP EN ISO 9001:2000;

2003: MADEICENTRO – MADEICENTRO – Department of Finished Product obtains the quality system transition in agreement with the regulation NP EN ISO 9001:2000;

2004: Internationalization – MADEICENTRO initiates business with the external market.

2006: The process envisioning the CE branding of the commercialised pavements/coatings is initiated.
2008: The enlarging of the facilities for the setting of new manufacturing lines is initiated.

2009: Acquisition of equipment for the Finishing and Multilayer pavement Manufacturing lines.

Initiation of the Multilayer Manufacturing;

Setting of the Forest Management System regarding the Chain of Responsibility (Cdr) according to the FSC referrals – Certification SGS-COC-008123 and SGS-CW-008123;
Transition of the Quality System to the regulation NP EN ISO 9001:2008.
Creation of the Golden Parquet Brand (Finished Products by Madeicentro)