Recommandations | deck
Deck is supplied with an average humidity of 14  3%. It must be stored in a dry place until the installation date.
Wood is a natural, resistant, durable, nice and versatile material, however, when applied in exterior environments it requires specific care so as to ensure a good performance, thus it is of the utmost importance that the following rules are respected:

1. Installation conditions:
- The wooden slats on which the Deck shall be laid must be distanced about 40 cm;
- The lath work/support lath to the Deck must be duly levelled, always ensuring the correct draining of sewerage water.
- If the structure of the support base is metallic wooden lath work must be superimposed so as to increase the resistance of the fixation (the Deck parts must always be supported on lath work / wood beams).
- The elements shall always be distanced by a minimum of 5mm. In case of hidden fixation, the distance is defined by the corresponding fixation parts:

 Should a visible fixation be the chosen option, two screws on the face are always required – see figure 1

- For a better performance, hidden fixation is advisable solely for Ipê and Teka wood.
- For use under intense traffic (public spaces, footways, etc.) the application of a Deck holding a minimum thickness of 27 mm and the use of a visible fixation system is recommended.

2. Finishing/Maintenance

Naturally resistant wood or that which is later treated to resist biological attacks (funguses and insects) continues to require protection against water and sunlight which cause expansion/retraction, fissures and oxidation. A pigmented wood stain which is microporous, elastic and which has an aging process by means of grinding is the ideal to grant this type of protection, assuring an easy exterior maintenance.
Therefore the installation of wood stain by impregnation (with colour) in order to allow the exchange of moisture between wood and the environment thus protecting against climate and photochemical agents which cause changes to the surfaces: UV rays and rain (water does not permeate wood) is recommended.

Protection/Initial Finishing
The installation of two coatings is recommended: the first coating on all faces before the fixation of the deck, should it be possible; the second coating after the fixation of the deck.

Installation twice a year – considering the exposure to environmental agents which may be rigorous, this protection may resist solely a few months, thus in order to assure a permanent protection it is most convenient to apply at the beginning of Spring for greater solar protection and again at the beginning of Autumn for greater protection against rain.

Upon the reception of the material, the client must inspect it to ensure its conformity.
Should the product not correspond to the required specifications, a complaint and/or return of the material must be addressed to Madeicentro up to a maximum of 8 days from the issuing of the Shipment Form/Bill of Lading and/or Invoice.
If, upon laying the floorboards any changes to the requested specification are noticed (regarding the visual or dimensional characteristics of the product), it should immediately be rejected and Madeicentro informed toward the verification of it. In case the product has already been laid, Madeicentro will not accept a complaint.
Madeicentro will be held responsible for any deficiency on the wood which occurs during these reception periods, as well as for any deficiency deriving from faulty laying and deficient installation or environmental conditions at the place of use.
The returned material must be defect-free (dents caused by handling at the construction site or transportation; excessive moisture and must be packaged in the same manner as that of the supply;
The complaint must be addressed to Madeicentro in writing claiming the grounds for non-acceptance and the returned material must include the Return Note.
Returns derived from excessive quantity shall not be accepted.
In case of doubt or need for additional clarification do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to offer all our support.

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